You Caught Me

Neptune’s Net

42505 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 457-3095
Price: $

I wouldn’t ever qualify myself as a food SNOB, per say…but I’ll admit that I was pretty close to putting my foot down as we pulled into the gravel parking lot of the biker bar/wooden shack the locals calls Neptune’s Net

 I know what good seafood is ladies & gents…I know the pleasure of peeling the perfectly cooked prawn or cracking the freshest steamed crab.  So when my father suggested we try this seafood joint (yes, the only way I could really describe it would be “joint”) I felt my nose rise a little to the heavens.  I obliged, always giving a seafood restaurant the benefit of the doubt, and squeezed my way through the Harleys and Hondas to make my way into the cafeteria style line. Specials were scribbled on the chalk board above the cash register, each one ending in “box” or “platter”.   As I prepared my stomach for the worst, the steamed shrimp po’boy caught my eye and my hopes were immediately raised.

Literally two minutes later my number was called and we settled down on one of the wooden benches overlooking the cliffs stretching along the ocean.  I took a bite.  I was in heaven.  Fresh shrimp poured out of each end of the sandwich with the perfect concoction that could only be homemade cocktail sauce and tartar sauce combined.  The biggest surprise?  There was not one speck of grease in my cardboard box.  I looked around thinking that I had discovered something special but saw many other people (quite possibly the Hell’s Angels members circa 1992) with the same look on their faces.  Five bucks for this sandwich, spilling over with fresh shrimp?  The crab cake platter also caught my eye…two crab cakes a little bigger than my fist…visible chunks of crab meat sans breading…I was tempted to give in to round two, but was instantly reminded by my father that he had other plans for that day rather than eating (sacrilegious if you ask me!).

So for those who are in the same boat as me who feel they have YET to find a decent seafood “joint” on the west coast (for less than your monthly pay check), this place is for you.   Just remember to brush up on your gear head trivia and leave your LA snobbery in your BMW.

-Dine & Dish LA

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