Tomber D’Amour

Saint Amour

9725 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 842-8155
Price: $$$

Oh, the faint tones of a taped achordian…the white lights dangling off of the trees over the patio adorned with heat lamps and couples sitting nose to nose across white table cloths…the low undertones of disgruntled french servers mumbling simply because they are french and they can…

I was instantly transported back to Paris. 

 The tiny tables with simply one candle, two plain sets of silverware and no condiments because it would be a sin to tamper with the already perfected dishes.  The server came over when he felt like it, mumbling his questions and acknowledging our requests with a simple nod and a brisk “d’accord”.  Unadorned slices of fresh-baked baguette with one tiny sliver of butter and spicy olives.  I struggled with my inner American to not feel offended by the brisk service once every half hour, or the lack of a lavish spread.  THIS is what is normal…THIS is what refined dining is supposed to be…where the attention is on your dinner partner (mine being a gorgeous Australian, but that’s besides the point), and not your smorgasbord in front of you.

And the food…oh, and the food.  Dear France, you may have a corrupt political system but oh can you cook!  We devoured the pastry encrusted escargot; de-shelled and swimming in a garlic, butter & a basil pool.  Sipping on a Cote du Rhone grenache, we pensively waited until the server graced us with his presence to bring us the main course.

It was certainly worth the wait…

We immediately set in to taste (nay, destroy) the baked trout accompanied with roasted brussel sprouts, capers, green beans and almonds.  The duck confit came next-a surprisingly hefty portion of two duck legs, mini grilled squash swimming in some kind of delectable gravy making friends with the perfectly salted mashed potatoes.  And that was followed by…silence.  We stared at each other in realization that we had not spoken a word to each other for the past 15 minutes besides the nonchalant grunt in agreement as we tasted each other’s plates.

As we happily walked to our car arm in arm I could swear I saw the glimmering of the Eiffel tower in the windows of Saint Amour…

-Dine & Dish LA

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