You little Tart


115 S. Fairfax Ave.

Los Angeles, 90036
(323) 556-260

Oh the headache…

Sunday morning after a long and adventurous LA weekend…You slowly prop yourself half up in bed and check your phone, one eye open, and see the mass text  between a few of your girlfriends;


The last thing you want is the greasy side of hash browns, the slimy excuse of an over-easy egg, and the cheap knock-off of what is commonly known as a mimosa served in scratched plastic champagne glasses…(LA natives, you may or may not know of the place I’m referring to…starts with Saddle, ends with Ranch).

So with one hand you respond back the four letter fail-proof location;

“TART. 30 Minutes”

You grab your biggest pair of sunglasses and don your most comfy maxi skirt and head out the door (how cliché), soon to be welcomed by the cheery blue stucco exterior and the world’s most friendly wait staff (and least judgmental, they smile and nod quietly in understanding as you roll in slowly with the rest of your crew).

The Dine & Dish must-have here is their homemade country-style hash; two non-greasy overeasy eggs, shredded pastrami & chicken sausage, mixed over thinly cut hash browns, assorted bell peppers and onions.  It’s in a friendly and non-threatening bowl, guaranteed to soothe even the most queasy of Sunday Morning stomachs.

If this isn’t your jam, TART also has a great selection of very “LA-approved” brunch items such as  egg white scrambles with spinach, sides of fruit and ala carte items.

Sorry frat boys, no all-you-can-drink mimosa here–ladies sip their Strawmosas or John Daly’s (clever, eh?) for the right amount of the “hair of the dog”.   Slowly, you return to normal and stretch out on one of their wooden booths, taking in the sun on their outdoor enclosed patio, surveying your fellow “morning afters”.

One thing to note, TART is connected to The Farmers Daughter hotel so don’t be alarmed when you see the constant flow of people through the courtyard.  (Uh hello, prime people watching).  And this eatery also took on their neighbors country decor & key dishes–warm & friendly–however, my fellow southerners, do NOT try the grits for you will be sorely disappointed.

I have to add that the menu has taken a slight plunge with the absence of one of my favorite appetizers; pepper encrusted gator tail poppers.  As a two-time foursquare Mayor, one would think they could honor my simple request to bring it back.

Till we dine again,

Dine & Dish LA



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