Saved by the Port


8715 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood,  90048

(310) 652-2335


The mood, fantastic.  The lighting, warm and flattering.  My cashmere sweater, form-fitting and appropriately “effortless”.  The date, a 30-something intellectual properties lawyer who loves the ocean as much as I do…

  The pasta, tasteless and disappointing. 

 How could I come so close to the perfect evening and be let down by a pathetic bowl of your classic veal marinara, at a place that had so many fantastic reviews?  I was dumb founded.  I chose a dish about as fail proof as a Saturday night in with trashy TV and yet I was more enraptured with my discussion of international affairs with my dinner partner (which he was well-versed, touche good sir).  I thought, this just couldn’t be true.  So I took a healthy helping of his chicken parmesan, a “special” on that night’s menu and a “regular favorite”, boasted by our server.  And I was proven…

Completely right. 

Equally, if not more, disappointed by the soggy run-of-the-mill breading on the thinly pounded chicken breast, Ragu tomato sauce, and the sparsely melted mozzarella cheese.  What in the world were the food snobs of L.A. eating at this highly praised and family owned Italian restaurant?  I needed a “Dominick’s for Dummies” guide and was left completely helpless.  I stole a glance at my date (yeah, ok, he does look great in that shirt) and watched as he picked the breading off his chicken and pushed it onto a corner of his plate, a definite no-no when noshing chicken parmesan, and knew my feelings were shared.

Oh but wait…I completely jumped ahead of myself and forgot about the cheese plate we shared at the beginning of the meal.  (Yes, I FORGOT about the CHEESE PLATE…that should be a hint in itself to how “spectacular” it was).

Three slices of cheese (thin, deli-style slices)…handful of nuts and raisins…there ya go, enjoy.  I have put together better plates for my girls’ nights from Trader Joes (cue hunks of brie, dates  and walnuts, cheddar, bacon smoked gouda, etc). 

So, to save the night, we split a glass of Dominick’s most expensive port and proclaimed check-mate.  Fine, I’ll give this place something…it was a pretty damn good port.

Date #2, I’m choosing the location.

-Dine & Dish LA

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